Mud Purification System for CBM drilling. Brightway Solids Cotrol, as the solids control, mud cleaning manufacturer, can design and manufacture different sets of Mud Purification System to match with CBM Drilling Rig.

Brightway has several CBM Mud Purification System cases in China CBM drilling project. also Brightway can develop special Mud Purification Solutions for foreign coal bed gas drilling projects abroad and exports the system overseas according the drlling construction environment and ecustomers’ requirements.

CBM drilling mud purification system is used to control the solids from the drilling mud. It has the following characteristics: 1. Control the solid phase content in mud effectively; 2. Improve drilling mud quality; 3. Improving drilling speed; 4. Extend mud pump and rig life; 5. Ensure drilling safety; 6. Reduces the operating strength of the operator; 7. Protect the environment of the drilling site.

Brightway Mud Purification System Features

1. Using high G-force shale shaker and high-quality polyurethane, with good wear resistance, long life, good corrosion resistance, high screening efficiency.
2. Easy to maintenance, low noise, fully enclosed structure, can work under any dust condition without explosion proof requirement.
3. Easy to transfer, because the functional components are integrated into a whole base, it can be easily integrated.

Mud Purification System Cases

Brightway Mud Purification System applications in China. The following photos are the CBM Drilling mud system cases on site.

CBM Drilling Mud Purification System CBM Drilling Mud Cleaning System case IMG_20160814_175526

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