Brightway Solids is the HDD Mud Recycling System Manufacturer and Exporter,  and can design and sale the Mud Recycling System, Mud Recycler, Mud Recycling Plant, Mud Recover System for HDD. The Mud Recycling Systems are exported to more nations, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Indonesia, Australia, South African.

According to different geological conditions and customers’ requirements, Brightway can design and manufacture different sets of mud recycling systems to match with HDD Rig.

Brightway HDD Mud Recycling System Features

1.Combination of screening, desanding, desilting,Compact structure, easy for transportation and small footprint.
2. Foldable design of handrail and walkway. No dis-assembly is needed while transferred.
3. Fast connection is adopted for the components of equipment.Easy for dis-assembly, saving time and labor.
4. The process of the cyclones is the same with Derrick’s and can be interchanged with each other. High wear-resistance and long life span under normal service conditions (more than 3,800 hours).
5. Explosion – proof lights are equipped. Meet the needs of the construction at night and easy and safe for operation.

Brightway Mud Recycling System Models

Mud Recycling System is also called the Mud Recover System, Mud Recycler, Mud Recycling Plant. Brightway can design manufacture the models of Mud Recycling System, such as BWHDD-60, BWHDD-200, BWHDD-500, BWHDD-1000, BWHDD-1500. The detailed parameters of the mud system are as follows.

Brightway Mud Recycling System Models

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