Sep. 28th, after assemble, test and inspection, one set BWSP150-20 Mud Water Separator will be sent to Shanghai Port. The separator is deigned and produced specially for one middle ease client. The system will arrive middle east pipe jacking operation site one month later. And will match client’s own pipe jacking machine for mud water treatment.

 BWSP-150-20 Mud Water Separator

This mud water separator consist of shale shaker, desaner& desilter unit, and gravel pumps. The shale shaker is designed as up and down(fine and coarse) two decks, with the capacity of 150m³/h to meet for mud water treatment requirement. Compared with the former separators, many improvements are made to achieve better performance.

Before placing the order to Brightway, the client compared many different mud water separator manufacture both domestic and abroad, and finally select Brightway’s design. As the delivery time is very limited, manpower and material resources are adjusted immediately to meet for this urgent delivery requirement. The entire production process of the equipment was strictly controlled according to the quality management standard and production process to ensure the quality of the equipment.

One Set BWSP-150-20 Mud Water Separator Shipped to Middle East

The system will arrive at the Pipe-jacking construction site of the customer after one month later. Brightway technology service team will also arrive there and provide perfect after-sales support for customers in the next month! such as instruct equipment installation and debugging, and training equipment operation and precautions.

In the field of shield tunneling tunneling, Brightway has accumulated numerous successful application cases at home and abroad. This is one of the important reasons why customers choose us. Constant pursuit goals of Brightway is always maintain communication with customers, understand the situation of equipment in the field, constantly summarize experience, improve design and equipment performance, and creat industry leading brand.