Drilling waste management has put forward higher requirements with the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement. Drilling waste purification system can not only be very good to solve the environmental problems, but also can do recycling to the waste of the solid control system. While drilling cutting management system maximize retains the useful mud, and it concentrated solidify after processing of drilling cuttings. That helps to reduce the destruction of the environment in oil filed worker

In the process of oil and gas drilling, general shallow wells would use water-based mud, and deep wells would use oil-based mud, that makes conventional solids control equipment work effectively on recovery of heavy metal and stone and useful drilling fluid. However, these cutting fluids containing heavy metals and solids(presumably oil content at 12%~18%) would caused great damage on nearby vegetation, soil, groundwater and other natural environment building and human living environment if they are not managed to emissions.

Drilling Waste Management Equipment: Vertical Cutting Dryer, Drying Shaker, Decanter Centrifuge, Screw Conveyer and transfer Pumps.

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Features

1. Good Result of Water-based Mud: 6%-10% Water Content.
2. Italy Technology: Overwhelmingly overcomes the difficulty in disposing the waste all or disposing them effectively, which combines the technology brought from Italy with advantages of the same products abroad.
3. Stable Performance:Brightway Drilling Waste Management is to control the volume of water containing in the drilling mud and stabilize the liquid performance, which achieves the purpose of managing the drilling waste and recycle the drilling mud without damaging the water performance.
4. Environmental and Economical:This cutting dryer system realizes the social value of environmental protection, maximizing the usage of drilling fluid economically.

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Display

Brightway Drilling Waste Management in CIPPE 2016 Drilling Waste Management system in CIPPE 2016

Brightway Drilling Waste Management Cases

Drilling Waste Management case

Drilling Waste Management Cases Brightway Drilling Waste Treatment Cases

Cuttings Dryer System Case

Cuttings Dryer System Case The site of drilling waste treatment