TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), Brightway separation plant and desanding unit for tunneling industry are designed with creative concept, compact structure, efficient working effects, and practical application. Brightway TBM separation plant can be designed with different capacity to match with different diameters of tunneling machine. The compact separation plant with easy installation and assembling units makes it convenient for users to move the whole mud system along with the tunneling machine in the process of tunneling. What’s more, the good performance and high efficiency of separation plant can remove all useless solids, keeping water clean, convenient to operate.

Mud separation plant in the domain of shield construction is an important guarantee for shield machine excavation normally. Mud separation plant must be safe and absolutely reliable in the shield tunnel construction.

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Brightway BWSP series Separation Plant Display

BWSP220-20 Separation Plant

Shield Tunnel Shield Tunnel 

BWSP180-20 Separation Plant

Shield Tunnel 

BWXT-50 Separation Plant

Shield Tunnel Shale Shaker 

Shield tunnel construction has been used for more than 170 years. with the continuous improvement of scientific level, shield tunnel technology has been developing and perfecting. So far, shield tunneling has become a special tunnel construction machinery of the soft soil layer construction. Shield tunnel construction method has become indispensable in nowadays’ urban tunnel and underground engineering construction method.