Mud Circulating System is widely used in HDD, Trenchless Construction. Brightway Solids Control supply the model of 60-120m3/h capacity Mud Circulating Systems for Trenchless Drilling Construction. It is the small type Mud Recycling System.

Mud Circulation System is composed of small type shaker, desilter or desander and circulation tank. Brightway can provide the Mud Circulation Solution according the trenchless drilling rig Model. The system is suitable for mud treatment of the short distance crossing of highway river, the laying of small diameter cable pipe. Small size, Convenient installation and transportation, Low cost and Fast delivery time.

Brithtway Mud Circulation System Model

BWHDD-60 Mud Circulation System (Capacity: 60m3/h ) BWHDD-80 Mud Circulation System (Capacity: 80m3/h )
BWHDD-100 Mud Circulation System (Capacity: 100m3/h ) BWHDD-120 Mud Circulation System (Capacity: 120m3/h )
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