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Why Choose Brightway® Solids Control?
Best Solutions

Brightway® can provide you the best solutions of solids control system,and drilling waste management,and drilling mud purification.Always the best solutions for your Oil&Gas Drilling,HDD&Underground Drilling,CBM&Geothermal Well Drilling ,Mining&Environment Projects.

Reliable Operating System

Technical innovation is the method of how Brightway® stands out on the market competition.Only the most reliable operating system in our products can we get customers` satisfication.

Stable performance at the best price

Price&Performance protection policy:we guarantee that all our customers get our products at the best local price,(maybe the prices varies from countries because of the tax policy.)

Proudly Made-In-China

Brightway® is responsible for every case conscientiously , Brightway® Solids control system will spare no effort to your satisfaction.

How we work?

Solution Orientated:In developing our portfolio of solids control systems, we went far beyond a one size fits all approach.We recognized that each project and each rig is different, and that diversity extends to the solids control.Our Rig Engineering and Systems group works closely with rig designers, contractors, operators and shipyards to assess their unique specifications.We examine well programs to determine the optimum solids control program to meet specific cost, operational and environment requirements.

The result is an integrated drilling and waste management configuration that addresses all the unique needs of your specific project.  Regardless of the application, our best-in-class, project-specific solids control technologies have shown their capacity to deliver:

  1. Maximum separation efficiency
  2. High-efficiency solids removal
  3. Lower costs
  4. Reduced dilution rates
  5. Optimum HSE performance

1) Operation training: Free service for first time commissioning and training up clients engineer, until the system is running  in a best condition and the engineer able to operate and maintain.

2 ) Technical support: 24 hours free telephone service and 12 hours online counseling, we will call back at once and guide the user to solve problem when we receive the user ’s technical support requirement or disorder report.

3 )  Remote network support: Online technical support through company website and email.

Customer following: Engineer will visit the customer regularly when equipment test run, to inspect the equipment run condition and supply proposal of equipment maintenance.

Service management of supervision: Please feedback to the headquarter if you are dissatisfied with our engineer, another engineer will be arranged soon to solve the problem.

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