Desanding Plant



Desanding Plant

Desanding plant is used to remove soil partcles in drilling muds and support slurries used in foundation engineering. They can be either water-bentonite, water-polymere, or water-cement and bentonite suspensions.

Brightway is the experienced Desanding plants Manufacturer and Exporter in China. and has many years experience of equipment design, production and application. Brightway Desanding plants have further applications in Bored Pile, Diaphragm Walls, Water well drilling, Microtunneling projects, Mining industry.

Desanding Plants main components includes: shale shaker with coarse and fine screens, storage tank of the coarse screen, cyclone with cyclone feeder pump for removing fine particles from the suspension, dewatering screens for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone.

Brighgway Desanding Plant Models

Brightway can design and manufacture the different types and capacity Desanding plants accroding to customer requirments and the actual construction environment. Capacity: 50m3/h 120m3/h 150m3/h 180m3/h 240m3/h 360m3/h.
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