Mud Agitator Impeller Types: pulp, turbo, disc turbine and propulsion. As the mud agitator manufacturer, Brightway can supply Four Types Impeller Mud Agitator.

Mud agitator mainly makes the solid particles suspended in the drilling fluid. Drilling cuttings are the main component of the harmful solid phase. To get rid of harmful solid, they must be suspended, and then injected them into desander, desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge to realize that. Useful solids such as various weighting materials (hematite, barite) and a small amount of bentonite also need uniform suspension so that the density of drilling fluid and other properties remain stable.

The type of impeller of mud agitator

There are only three or four types of impeller of mud agitator used for the solid control system in oil drilling. The common mud agitator impeller can be roughly divided into four types, that is, pulp, turbo, disc turbine and propulsion.

Four Mud Agitator Impeller Type

The choice of the impeller form

As the mud agitator of the same type can achieve the purpose of concentration, in most cases, it is based on experience and habits. A more reasonable method is to choose based on the purpose of mixing and the formed flow patterns. The impeller kinds of pulp, turbo, and propulsion are suitable for solid liquid suspension. Because of the stronger cycle capacity and shear capacity of the turbine, it has been widely used.

The operation of a solid suspension is the best to open the turbine. Because there is no part of the middle disk, it will not interfere with the mixing on the top and bottom of the pulp. The turning blade open turbine has good removal performance and is suitable for solid-liquid phase suspension.

At present, among the domestic and international oil solid control equipment, the most commonly used mud agitator impeller are only two kinds: one is the open turbine type and the other is the disc turbine type.

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