Vacuum degasser play a important role to return mud proportion and stabilize mud performance. Vacuum degasser is also called Vacuum Tank Degasser. Vaccum Degasser is used to remove the small entrained gas bubbles left in the mud by the mud/gas separator. Vacuum degasser important function: get rid of harmful gas in drilling fluid; recover the proportion of mud; stable viscosity properties of mud; reduce the drilling cost. Vacuum degasser used in the oil drilling solids control system for the treatment of gas in the drilling fluids.

As the professional Vacuum Degasser Manufacturer in China and Brightway can design and produce BWZCQ series Vacuum Degasser such as BWZCQ240, BWZCQ270, BWZCQ300, BWZCQ360 according to the different drilling depth and the customer requirment. The degassing efficiency is 92% ~ 95%. Brightway BWZCQ series vacuum degassers have been exported to Russian, Indian, and other Country of middle east.

Features & Benefits of BW Vacuum Degasser

1. Vacuum Degasser Structure: Compressed structure and degassing efficiency of more than 92%.
2. Vacuum Degasser Motor: Explosion-proof Motor.
3. Electrical control system: Explosion proof electrical system.
4. Electrical components: ABB, Siemens, Schneider.


Vacuum Degasser Display

BWZCQ series Vacuum Degasser Vacuum Tank Degasser


Parameters of Vacuum Degasser

brightway vacuum degasser Parameters


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